Sunday, August 24, 2008

Delite (Review)

Delite is a new "lounge" and bar located at 30 S. Broadway in Denver. It is truly a delightful experience. Owned and operated by the same folks that run the also fantastic Deluxe next door, Delite offers small plates with all of the simplicity, and delicious creativity offered over at Deluxe.

Edward and I recently visited Delite for happy hour (Tues-Sun from 4-7) and were VERY impressed. I had the happy hour wine ($3 per glass), Edward had beer (also half price). The small plates are all half price (usually $8-10 each) at happy hour so we ordered a smorgasbord. First we ordered our favorite, not to be missed EVER, Dylan's Fried Oyster Shooters. Dylan Moore is the chef-extraordinaire behind both ventures and serves these shooters in both Deluxe and Delite. He starts with a tasty pico de gallo nestled in a Chinese soup spoon. He tops this with a delicately fried oyster, and then tops the oyster with chipotle (smoked jalapeno) aioli and a leaf of cilantro. It might be a little hard to fit it all into your mouth at once, but it is truly worth it. For happy hour these babies top out at an extremely reasonable $5. We also sampled the House Made Potato Chips topped with, get this, TRUFFLE OIL AND MAYTAG BLUE CHEESE. I actually drempt about these the next day. To round out our meal, we also tried the Thai Beef Salad and the Goat Cheese Stuffed Pablano Chile. As a woman who used to be vegetarian, I don't usually find things called "beef salads" all that appealing, but this one was great. Marinated in the same flavors you'll find in a seaweed salad, this beef was perfect and tender. Edward devoured the stuffed Chile too. I found it a bit too smoky, but I don't really enjoy smoky flavors, and he does. A lot.

Though we didn't sample them this trip, the mixed drinks are also fantastic. On a previous night I tried a tasty number with the awkward moniker of "Dylan's Ass". Based on a Moscow Mule, this one has fresh ginger, vodka and sweetness. These drinks, however, are not included in the happy hour so be ready to pay $8-10 for each of the fancy drinks.

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